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7 Wedding Dress Trends – YAY OR NAY?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

What is trending when it comes to a wedding dress? Showing your personality through your wedding dress is always on trend. Whether you’re romantic, classic, minimalist or edgy, these wedding trends will help you show off your personal style.

Minimalistic Design This style remains popular all over the world and is the main choice for modern-day brides who are looking for a comfortable design. As a bride, feel free to say “NO” to all the glamour and fuzz of a ballgown and stick to a simpler, cleaner design. Choosing a simple wedding dress is still a big statement. If you feel to plain and simple, try to give your minimalistic look an upgrade – add a bridal element like a veil or a train. It will definitely give you that bridal feeling.

Puff Sleeves Puff sleeves didn’t die with 80’s fashion. In fact, this voluminous feature is making a comeback. Before you start trying on big puffy sleeved wedding dresses, make sure you like them for you and not just because they are trendy now. If they don’t fit into your personal taste, the chances of you regretting this decision are very high. If you really want to stand out on your big day you should go for this dramatic look. Off-the-shoulder A beautiful off-the-shoulder dress is romantic and timeless. It allows you to show off just the right amount of skin. If you’re a more traditional bride, consider off-the-shoulder sleeves for more coverage. This feminine trend truly flatters your neckline and it can be both sexy and delicate. The bare neckline also gives you the chance to add your personal touch such as adding your favourite accessory – a family jewelry for instance.

Colourful Gowns If you want to run away from tradition, a colourful gown is the way to go. Many modern brides are looking for a more fashion-forward look without losing the bridal touch. You have two options – you can go for a full black or even red, or pink, you name it yourself, look, or, if you’re not that bold, you can opt for a gown with a soft beige colour with matching embroidery. If a big white dress is all you need to make you feel like a real bride, then you can skip this trend. Show off some skin...We mean legs! This trend is all about the legs and we couldn’t be more excited! However, this wedding trend is not for every bride-to-be. If you’re a classic bride, then a sexy thigh-high split is not the style for you. We just love this style because you get the chance to showcase your stunning shoes and who doesn’t love shoes? Depending on how fearless you are you can opt for a subtle high-low hem or a thigh-high split. Before you decide on a wedding dress with a split, you need to know if your wedding will be hold in the right place. Wedding dresses with thigh-high splits are perfect for outdoor weddings - at a beautiful garden or at the beach.

Capes Bridal capes can suit many purposes – they can add some drama to your bridal look, add more coverage if you don’t want to share to much skin or just to protect you from a chillier weather. If putting on a veil is not your cup of tea, then capes are a great alternative. Make sure your cape is detachable so you can remove it after the wedding ceremony and then you can style two different looks on your wedding day. Your guests won’t be able to stop complimenting!

Get your sparkle on The “bling bling” days are not over! From subtle sequins to elaborate beading, this sparkly trend is perfect for a glamorous bridal look. Brides who love a good fairytale will fall head over heels for a wedding gown with some glitter.When in doubt just add glitter!

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