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Let's talk flower girls

What type of flower girl dress should I pick?

When it comes to picking the flower girl dresses you can choose one that is a similar or mini version of your dress or one that matches the bridesmaids dresses. Pick a breezy, airy fabric like organza or tulle.

What color should I choose?

It's your wedding so it is totally up to about a color that matches the bridesmaids or a white, ivory or champagne that matches your gown and then add a colorful sash that matches the bridesmaids.

Who should buy the flower girl dress?

What color should I choose? l's parents would pay for the dress, but we have also seen the wedding couple pay for it as a gift or wedding favor. In the end, talk to the parents about it!

Is there a certain age a flower girl needs to be?

Usually flower girls are between the ages of four and seven, but there's no rule we've even seen brides having their great grandmother's throw the petals.

What does a flower girl do?

The flower girl is the last member of the wedding party to walk down the aisle in front of the bride while scattering petals or she could hold a small bouquet.

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