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Our DaVinci Bridal Collection

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Please allow us to welcome you to DaVinci Bridal, where you can find exciting collections of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses designed to give you an elegant alternative to purchasing your gown from one of the national mega-chain stores. These collections offer stylish formal gowns in contemporary and classic silhouettes that are both comfortable to wear, and easy on your wedding budget.

DaVinci brides are savvy fashionistas who seek beautiful wedding gowns at prices they can feel comfortable with, and they know value when they see it. Who says bridal luxury isn’t obtainable without breaking the bank? With DaVinci Bridal, you’ll find elegant wedding dresses that are comparable to other designers priced much higher. Why not take those savings and splurge them elsewhere, like on an extravagant reception or a romantic honeymoon getaway? We think you should!

DaVinci Bridal is not only renowned for their beautifully-crafted wedding gowns, exceptional value, and affordable luxury, they are also famous for their unsurpassed ultra quick delivery. With other bridal designers, expect to wait upwards of 16 weeks for your gown to arrive. Why pay more, and why wait longer? With DaVinci, you can get your dream gown in a matter of just a couple weeks or even sooner! Furthermore, you will never have to worry about buying a worn gown off-the-rack that may be soiled or damaged, having been tried on so many times before they are offered for you to wear on your special day. With DaVinci, the first person to put on your wedding dress will be you, and you only.

DaVinci Bridal gowns are available at Lace & Glam Bridal Boutique right her in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not quite sure what you are looking for yet? Visit the DaVinci Style Guide and the DaVinci Bridal Blog for helpful advice on "all-things-weddings" straight from their bridal experts and experienced stylists.

We invite you to browse our Collection, and know that if you have any questions, we’re here to assist you in getting ready for your most special day!

Find your perfect wedding gown today with DaVinci Bridal, the leading bridal designer for unbeatable value, exceptional affordability and unsurpassed quick delivery. From dramatic backs and crystal-embellished necklines, to delicate embroidery and finely-beaded bodices, these wedding dresses are made for the most precious of moments. Your dream gown awaits you.

Our DaVinci Bridal Collection

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