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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

1. Do your the internet to find out what dress designers you love and to get an idea of the prices before you schedule your dress appointment. Pinterest is a great source to show your bridal consultant dresses you love in order to set the tone of your appointment. Go to the designers website to find a store near you that carries the designers you want to try.

2. What if you don't know what you like? Believe already have a style! You already have a sense of what you like...find that in a wedding gown version. Find a store that fits your personality. Often times you can find which stores will be a good fit with your style by searching out bridal stores on Instagram.

3. Prep yourself before your appointment...your bridal consultant will come into the fitting room with you to help you into your gown. Feel free to bring your shapewear or a strapless bra if that helps you feel more comfortable. If you already have your wedding shoes bring those with you as well to give your consultant an idea of your style or the theme of your wedding.

4. Wait until you are ready to buy to start the wedding dress shopping process. Remember, bridal consultants job is to help you find your dream dress. They are employed to sell you a dress and will work hard to help you find the perfect dress over your hour plus appointment time! They will ask you if you can see yourself in that dress on your wedding day and if you are saying "yes to your dress" they are not pressuring you into buying but these questions will be asked. Try to narrow down your choices to your 2 or 3 favorites as you go to make the decision process easier.

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