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Wedding Hair Accessory Tips

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Decide on your wedding day hairstyle the style will determine what types of accessories you will need. Big updos and voluminous hairstyles can hold up heavier pieces, while daintier and simpler wedding hair accessories suit shorter, minimalist hairstyles.

Wedding Hair Accessory

Think about your wedding theme. Maybe you’re going for a roaring 20’s look or old Hollywood glam. How about a boho-chic wedding hair with a flower crown or a ballgown with a sparkling wedding tiara, your choice should be part of —not take away from—your overall style. Wedding hair accessories can solidify your theme to give you the vintage, beachy or rustic style you are going for.

Your wedding hair accessories should blend and coordinate with your style, outfit, and overall color story. Keep it true to who you are, some good tips are to pick warmer-colored wedding hair accessories like; gold, rose gold, and pearls if you are wearing ivory, champagne, and off-white wedding gowns. In the event you are wearing stark white then cooler-colored bridal hair accessories like rhinestones or crystal hair jewelry trimmed in silvery tones. Often when you are in doubt you can match the tone of your engagement ring.

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