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Wedding Hashtags

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Wedding posts are trending now more than ever especially on sites like Instagram. Many couples will use catchy hashtags using fun plays or combinations of their names. If you really want your post to get more noticed use a universal hashtag to get more attention.

Why use wedding hashtags?

Hashtags help to create a category to group like posts together and lets other users find your posts which will get you more followers. This in turn could bring more people to your wedding site, personal site and result in more followers. Wedding hashtags are very popular so take advantage of the trending topic.

You can also use hashtags to search through existing posts. It can take a ton of time to plan the perfect wedding down to every detail. Searching through wedding hashtags online helps brides find inspiration and tips. Looking through online images can actually be more helpful than reading articles in most cases to find the articles that interest you most.

You can search larger hashtags like #WeddingGoals, or get more specific depending on what you’re looking for, like #BridalHair for hairstyles or #BridalBouquet for floral arrangements.

Here are the Top Trending Instagram Wedding Hashtags:

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