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How to choose between two wedding dresses

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

You thought you’ve found THE ONE but after browsing through Pinterest, you’ve found another contestant and now you are questioning yourself if you have made the right decision. Trying to choose between two different wedding dresses may feel like an impossible task. But you have nothing to worry about. We will help you decide on THE ONE. You just need to keep a few ideas in mind and can use these following steps as a guideline.

1. Ask your entourage Even though in today’s times it isn’t possibly at all times to go bridal shopping with your complete “bridal squad”, it is always a good thing to ask somebody who knows you well. Your close ones are quite familiar with your everyday style. They also won’t be able to hold their emotions when you show them the dress. That might just be your best clue that you’ve found a winner. 2. Get an expert opinion Bridal designers and consultants are experienced with helping brides finding THE ONE. Getting an opinion from someone who isn’t a friend or family member can give you a neutral advice. 3. Picture the whole look Do you have a must-wear accessory, some family jewellery you want to use? There may be just one dress that pairs perfectly with it. 4. Register the pros and cons When wearing the dress, you should keep an eye on certain special points… How do you feel in this dress? How does it fit? What features do you like the most? Is there anything about this dress you particularly don’t like? Compare all the answers and then take a look if there is ONE design that stands out! 5. Try on each dress for the second time Surely, you have two or three favourite dresses; try on your choices once again. This time, leave the entourage – small or big – at home and spend some quality time with your favourite designs. Maybe take a friend with you if you were alone the first time. 6. 1+1=2 If you have the budget, wear both dresses. One for the wedding ceremony and the other for the party.

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