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Can’t find your dream dress? Don’t freak out. We got you!

You’ve tried on more gowns than you can count and you just can’t decide on a wedding dress? You’re starting to doubt that you will ever find your dream dress?

We can promise you it is out there and you’ll find it!

If you haven’t experienced that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling yet, don’t worry. Here’s some tips that will certainly help you find your perfect Modeca dress.

Don’t worry too much about the fit. It would be normal if a wedding dress you fall in love with whilst being in a store doesn’t fit you properly. When you’re trying on a dress, the store assistant will do everything possible to make it fit as best as possible, using clips or pins. But you need to use your imagination and ignore any fit related issues because on that particular moment the dress will look far from flawless. Bear in mind that the person altering your Lace & Glam wedding gown is a professional and will guarantee that your dress looks amazing.

You can customise your wedding dress. If you are in love with a dress but you want to make a small alteration, just ask and it’s likely you’ll get a YES for an answer. Also to a Lace & Glam gown you can probably do as much changes as you want - nothing can be too crazy - but keep in mind it will cost you. Even if that dress doesn’t look like “THE ONE” at the very far beginning it can be it.

Choose your favourite feature. If your checklist for your perfect Lace & Glam dress is too long, probably it’s out of your budget… If you don’t want to overspend on this, just select one feature which is the most important one for you and focus on that. For instance, your dream dress needs to have a fitted silhouette, lace bodice, cap sleeves and an illusion neckline but it’s way out of your budget, so focus on the illusion neckline if that is your favourite feature. You will definitely find a wider range of wedding dresses and you can still fall in love with the one that was not your first choice.

Cut down your entourage. When you have too many opinions it gets harder to find your own. If you’re going dress shopping with a big crowd, you may find it quite stressful and difficult to find your perfect dress. You may have loved that mermaid silhouette dress you tried on, but if your entourage doesn’t agree with you, you get yourself in a difficult position. It’s a lot easier to make a decision if you have fewer opinions.

Add some bridal accessories. If you like one dress but you’re still not sure it’s THE ONE, ask your consultant if you can try on a veil or a hair accessory with it. Sometimes, some beautiful accessories can change the look and feel of a wedding dress.

Don’t browse through social media too much. There is no problem on finding some inspiration online and it’s actually good to get some bridal ideas. You may find a dress you love but looking at Instagram or Pinterest might make you change your mind and that can drive you crazy. Whilst dress shopping, it may be a good idea to stay away from social media. Focus on yourself, your inner voice and not on the Internet.

Try shopping for a less traditional wedding dress. It’s time to think outside the box! You’ve visited more stores than you can count and you haven’t found your Lace & Glam dream dress yet. Probably it’s time to give a non-traditional dress a try. You may be surprised with what you can find at Lace & Glam Bridal Boutique since we stock a wide variety of styles at affordable prices.

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