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Long-sleeved wedding dresses: traditional or modern?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Don’t you just love a beautifully sleeved wedding gown? A long-sleeved dress gives a bit more coverage on the arms, making this the perfect dress for a winter wedding or a wedding with a traditional ceremony. But nowadays, a long-sleeved dress does no longer have a conservative association, as this is truly a huge bridal trend for the upcoming wedding season!

A long-sleeved wedding dress is a wonderful idea if you’re getting married in the winter months. But also in the summer when – in some countries – the weather isn’t as perfect as we would wish for all our brides, a long-sleeved dress can be the perfect solution. Long sleeves can provide excellent coverage and still give you that elegant and sophisticated look you’re aiming for.

Wedding dresses with sleeves can range from romantic and classic to fashion-forward and modern. Classic brides will love a long-sleeved wedding dress with lace, whether it is an entire gown made with this delicate fabric or just a detail. If you’re a more modern bride looking to accentuate your figure, sleeves are also a perfect match with a fitted gown that will accentuate your figure perfectly. Loving the sleeves, but still want to show some skin? A backless dress combined with long sleeves is a fantastic option! You will definitely turn heads as you walk down the aisle!

Is a long-sleeved wedding dress the one? Check out some options below, we are sure they will blow your mind!

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