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Should I wear my Mom's Veil?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Brides often tells us they really want to use their mom's veil. This is a great way to add that traditional something old to your big day and honor mom at the same time.

Ways to wear mom's veil

Wearing mom's veil doesn't mean you have to wear it the way mom did! Sometimes we find the tulle may have some damaged spots despite mom's best efforts at preservation or maybe the veil is too long. If it's okay with mom think about just using the material. You could use the material as a shawl or have your seamstress use it to add a draped sleeve to your gown. We have also seen brides change the length of the veil or the embellishments. The veil fabric looks beautiful wrapped around the brides bouquet!

If these options aren't fitting the look and style of your wedding you can wears mom's veil during the wedding rehearsal without risk of the your groom getting a sneak peak at your ceremony veil. At the end of the day, you can honor mom by simply pinning a piece of the veil fabric to the inside lining of your gown.

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