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The perfect bridal wear neckline

Are you looking for your dream wedding dress? Well, searching for the perfect gown can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from excitement to mental exhaustion. To make it a bit more exciting for you, we have some inspirations for the perfect design whilst focusing on beautiful necklines.

When you visit a bridal boutique for the first time, you’ll find yourself lost in the world of tulle, organza and lace. Where to start looking at? Which silhouette fits me best? What type of fabrics are there? What is the most wonderful neckline? So many questions are going through your head...

It can be overwhelming! In this blog, we highlight the most popular necklines and their varieties.

1. OFF THE SHOULDER This neckline is sensual and flirty and yet flattering. Off the shoulder wedding dresses can also be romantic and feminine. Take your bridal style to a higher level and embody the romance of your special day.

2. BATEAU This elegant neckline was popularised by Meghan Markle and it caught everyone’s attention. It is the perfect option for brides with delicate shoulders.

3. HALTERNECK Stylish and elegant, a halter neckline is the perfect match for the fashion-forward bride. Some styles come with a backless design which give this trend an attractive touch. This neckline beautifully shows off your shoulders and upper arms.

4. ILLUSION An illusion neckline gives more coverage and structure to a low-cut wedding dress, so you can feel more confident on your special day. This trend comes in different styles, but you can turn your bridal look into a more vintage style by adding an elegant lace neckline.

5. SWEETHEART An extremely popular neckline among romantic brides is the sweetheart; this neckline forms a natural heart shape across the bust. It gives a feminine and magical touch to any wedding gown.

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